Waste Container Manufacturing

The manufacture of waste containers is very developed in Turkey. Our products respond to the demand of manufacturing garbage containers globally. Some basic principle about garbage containers is that they can be used for a very long time.  Metal garbage container manufacturing is more detailed than plastic garbage container manufacturing. The iron and steel used in the metal waste container pose a risk of corrosion due to oxidation. This corrosion also causes the waste containers to wear out. In order to avoid this situation, hot-dip galvanization is done in our the metal garbage containers.

While plating, the container made of sheet metal is dipped into hot zinc. Thus, the formation of rust is prevented and the water accumulated in it is not leaked. The garbage container comes out of the manufacturing process as galvanized. Because it is more preferred and has a long life, the price of metal garbage containers is higher than the price of plastic garbage container. One of the cheapest trash can types are metal trash cans. Their use is in the home, workplaces and gardens. In order to ensure recycling, we should take care to throw each garbage in its own container.

AkMetal Waste Container Manufacturer has set product quality and reasonable pricing as a target in the production of garbage containers. AkMetal has become a bigger company in this field by establishing a zinc coating plant in recent years.

No matter how a waste container is produced, you will not get any efficiency with a bad use. No matter how clean the garbage containers are used, they eventually contain garbage, so they should be placed a little outside of the residential areas and regularly disinfected with clean water. It should be remembered to be careful to keep the lids closed while using the containers, especially try not to throw hot objects into the plastic garbage containers, and not harm them by remembering that they are the property of all of us, no matter what.

AkMetal Waste Container Manufacturer
Waste Container Cleaning

Waste Container Cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the most important things for people. People are in constant communication with others. People are constantly engaged in eating and drinking activities. These actions constantly bring the need for garbage. People collect their garbage in the trash cans at home and throw it into the garbage containers outside once or twice a day. Garbage container has became a new industry considering these needs. Municipalities or other authorized institutions have placed garbage containers in the regions they are responsible for at regular intervals. This is to meet people’s needs. Metal garbage containers have been used since ancient times, plastic garbage containers have emerged recently.

Glass, paper and plastic boxes have emerged to recycle garbage. These garbage are evaluated by separating the garbage in their homes into separate bags and throwing them into the appropriate boxes. There are some big companies which take a part in garbage container business. Municipalities assign the garbage container manufacturing business to companies through tenders. Containers used in parks, on the streets, on the sides of the benches and almost on the ground, are made of various materials and sizes. Manufacturers produce containers in three categories as two-wheeled, three-wheeled and suspended garbage containers. Two-wheeled garbage containers are usually the containers that the cleaners carry with them while sweeping the roads. There are two types as 120 lt and 240 lt capacity containers. The 120 liter container measures 47 X 54 X 94 cm and weighs approximately 9 kg. Containers do not make any noise while being transported and are easily transported. Containers with a maximum loading capacity of 48 kg are available in various colors.

240LT waste containers, on the other hand, measure 60 X 75 X 107 cm and weigh approximately 13KG. The maximum carrying capacity is 96KG. Four-wheeled containers are produced in three groups, 660LT, 770LT, 1100LT. 600LT of garbage containers with metal arms can load up to 264KG. It has two non-braked wheels with two brakes. It can be easily used with a standard unloader. Municipality names and logos can be printed on the containers. While 770LT containers have the same features, their carrying capacity is 308KG. The 1100LT container has a garbage carrying capacity of 440KG. It has various colors in four-wheel containers. Suspended garbage containers, on the other hand, are practical 5KG fixed boxes placed on the bank’s edges.

Ways of Hot Dip Galvanizing

Steel is made of the most used metals in the world. It is also used in construction, building ships and used in many industries. Since steel is a mineral combining with iron, the risk of corrosion is very high for oxide manufacture. Rust causes steel and iron to wear out very quickly and lose their color. Hot-dip galvanizing method prevents the steel from getting rusty. It is used everywhere on iron and steel as it prevents rusting with this method.

The galvanizing method is sometimes not exactly as desired because the zinc does not adhere to the steel on rough surfaces. For this reason, the desired result is usually achieved by using the hot-dip galvanizing method. Hot-dip galvanizing is not only an application for rusting, but also a process frequently used to strengthen the material. With this method, steel is made several times stronger by combining zinc and iron. Iron and steel are among the mines that are affected very quickly by physical environments and wear out by losing their properties. This wear is most caused by rust. Rust does not only cause changes in the appearance of these materials, but also shortens their lifespan. Galvanized hot-dip method is not only economical, but also very resistant to scratches and impacts.

This coating is also more aesthetic in appearance than other coatings. One of the problems of hot-dip galvanization is that it cannot be applied to the whole. It is necessary to apply a piecemeal process. Also, you cannot repair a broken or worn product. After the repair, you need to apply the galvanization process again. Hot-dip galvanizing is done in a very laborious way by going through material acceptance, degreasing, acid cleaning, rinsing, flash coating, galvanizing processes.

Ways of Galvanizing Waste Containers
What is a Plastic Waste Container

What are Plastic Waste Containers?

Although metal garbage containers have been used in every place for years, plastic garbage containers have started to take their place in daily life due to their ease of use and positive contribution to the environment. When we say plastic garbage containers, we should not think of the garbage cans used in our homes. Plastic garbage containers are products that are resistant to all kinds of materials and heat, produced for use on streets and avenues. Plastic garbage containers produced from high quality materials do not pose any health risks. Plastic garbage containers are planned and produced in accordance with all physical conditions (burning, freezing, UV rays). They are produced from water-resistant materials such as metal garbage containers and can be easily washed and disinfected.

Plastic garbage containers can be used in municipalities, shopping malls, and in all areas of motion as they can be moved easily. Since metal garbage containers can oxidize, plastic garbage containers are used more in open areas, humid places and places where there is a lot of precipitation. Plastic garbage containers can also be produced in colors such as blue, red and green. They are divided into colors according to the nature of the garbage that will be thrown in later. There are plastic garbage containers in sizes ranging from 120 lt to 1100 lt. Plastic garbage containers, which are made with handles for the municipality employees to collect the garbage easily, are also produced with wheels due to their easy movement. Especially in hospitals and other health institutions, plastic garbage containers are mostly used for medical wastes, thanks to their easy hygiene and easy mobility.

The most important feature of plastic garbage containers is that they can be recycled after use. Some of the advantages of plastic containers, which are prepared in accordance with EU criteria, are that they have 4 wheels, can be used in all weather conditions, and can be stored without taking up much space by nesting them. The contact information of the place where it belongs is written on it.

Metal Waste Containers

It is necessary to keep the garbage around and at home in suitable conditions so that it does not harm the environment. For this, garbage containers are used on the streets and avenues. The most important factor to be considered in garbage containers is that the container used is robust and useful. That’s why metal garbage containers are used in all streets and avenues, except for areas where it is very hot in summer. Metal garbage containers are products that are produced for long-term use and can be used for years without deterioration.

Metal containers are highly preferred as they do not pose a health problem and we see them in almost every apartment building. There are also small metal garbage containers specially produced for homes. The distinguishing feature of metal garbage containers from materials used for other garbage is that they are easy to wash and can be used for many years. Trash cans made of plastic materials lose their effectiveness in a short time due to the physical conditions and the effects of discarded garbage. One of the mistakes made in the use of metal garbage containers is the belief that the smell will disappear by leaving the lid open all the time. However, the reason why metal garbage containers are covered is to prevent the spread of odor by keeping the lid closed. In metal garbage containers, not all garbage is put in the same boxes, there are different kinds of metal containers. These are separated according to the types of garbage such as glass waste, plastic waste, paper waste.

In this way, the useful ones from the discarded garbage are sent to recycling for reuse. Now, we have gotten rid of the smell that does not last all day, from the sight of a garbage, garbage bag on every corner that dominated our streets years ago. Because, municipalities have now ensured that garbage is collected in a certain order by placing metal garbage containers on every corner, and the containers are emptied at certain times of the day with garbage trucks. Metal garbage containers also have opening handles on the lid and on the sides. Being on wheels provides ease of use.

Metal Waste Container
Hot Dip Galvanized Waste Containers are Pretty Useful

Useful Hot Dip Galvanized Waste Containers

The garbage bins where we left our garbage were previously in the form of tin or plastic bins. Because they were made of light material, they could not stand still and often fell over. This was causing the garbage to spill on the ground, leaking water and causing a bad appearance. Today, there are long-lasting, healthy and useful garbage containers made of very high quality materials. These containers are strengthened by being coated with zinc by hot-dip galvanizing process against corrosion and puncture.

Thus, metal garbage containers become longer-lasting and more useful. Hot dipped garbage containers are produced in various sizes. You can find all kinds of garbage containers according to your needs on the website www.Akmetal.com.tr. The types of hot dipped garbage containers are as follows. The body and cover of the 240 liter hot dipped garbage container are made of sheet metal, and the sides are pressed to provide resistance to the container. Its mouth is turned with a profile and it is prevented from bending against hitting and impacts. It has two legs and has handles on the sides for easy carrying. The 400 liter hot dipped garbage container has the same features, but has a larger garbage collection capacity. 800 liter hot dipped dished lid garbage container and 800 liter tipper lid garbage container are the largest garbage containers separated by lid models. Hot-dip garbage containers are covered with a very high degree of micron and are produced in accordance with TSE standards.

On the front of the garbage containers, there is the name of the municipality, the contact information, the slogan of the clean environment and the picture of the person throwing garbage in the box. On the back, there is the name and contact information of the manufacturer. The manufacturing phase of hot-dip garbage containers is very laborious. The aim is to prevent the spread of bad odor by ensuring the puncture-proof of the sole. Currently, hot dip galvanized garbage containers are used in most of the municipalities in our country.